Project Hikari Development Blog

About Project Hikari

Project Hikari is the code name for an open-source Mega Man/Rockman game clone. It’s written in C++. The goal of this project is to create a faithful clone of the classic NES title “Mega Man” (“Rockman” in Japan). The game is under active development by a small development team called Hakase Labs.

Why “Hikari”?

“Hikari” is the Japanese word for “light”. Since Dr. Light is the creator of Mega Man, we figured that a word associated with him would be an appropriate code name for a project like this.

Also, hikari is short enough to be a nice namespace, so that’s cool too.

Where’s the source?

The Hikari source code is written in C++ and is hosted on GitHub. Star or fork our project and help us out!

GitHub URL: